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We have a wonderful team of researchers dedicated to uncovering how inequities lead to differences in social and emotional development. 
Want to learn more about us? 

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Dr. Kalee De France is a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC), recognized for their expertise in emotion regulation research. Their work delves into understanding the mechanisms by which individuals manage and navigate their emotions, particularly individuals experiencing adversity. They are also passionate about investigating the ways that adversity, such as poverty, disrupts healthy development. Through interdisciplinary approaches, Kalee explores the intersection of psychology and sociology to advance our understanding of developmental processes in Canadian society. 

What's your favourite hobby outside of work, and how did you get into it?
Woodworking! My dad is incredibly handy and has been teaching me over the years. It has been so rewarding to develop a passion that lets me feel like I can create something creative and tangible.


Graduate students drive innovation and bring fresh perspectives and ideas to ongoing projects. Their dedication to research, coupled with their ability to delve into complex topics, ensures that projects are moving forward and contributing to scientific discovery within the lab. Moreover, graduate students serve as mentors and collaborators, nurturing a culture of intellectual exchange and fostering a vibrant research community in our lab.


Jacqueline graduated from UBC Okanagan in 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology. She is thrilled to be an incoming MA student in the clinical psychology program under the co-supervision of Dr. Kalee De France and Dr. Jamie Piercy. Jacqueline's research interests include child welfare, grief and loss, poverty, and community-based partnerships. She hopes that her work supports resilient communities and equitable outcomes for youth who have been structurally put at risk.

What's your favourite hobby outside of work?
My favourite hobby is probably being outside with my friends - I love taking advantage of everything we have here in the Okanagan!


As our experienced Study Leads, Laura and Jayda are fundamental parts of what makes The SEED Lab such a successful research Lab. They are truly invaluable members of our hardworking team.


Laura is an undergraduate student in her fourth and final year! Her research interests are emotion regulation, anxiety-related disorders, cultural psychology, and equity​. 

If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and how would you use it?
 If I had a superpower for a day I would choose teleportation. That way I could visit different countries on different continents in one day!


Jayda is in the fourth year of her Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology. She is looking forward to be graduating this year and applying for a masters degree. Her main research interests include human sexualities, forensics, and emotion regulation. 

What's your favourite hobby outside of work?
 My favorite hobby outside of schooling would be painting. Although I don’t have much spare time, I try to sit down whenever I can and work on some pieces I have started! I use watercolour as my medium but I also love drawing with charcoal when I have time to commit to the mess.

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